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Latest reviews for Backwoods Retriever Training 5/5.0 stars (8 reviews)

Tracy in Chandler, AZ *****
We made the decision to drive Carl for training with Garrett. Carl now heels, stays and walks on & off leash. Garrett was great with our updates since we couldn’t interact with Carl along the way. We would make the trip all over again for the next puppy.
Tommy in Paragould, AR *****
Garret at backwoods retriever training is the best! We took our pup to him and three months later we had a duck dog with great great obedience skills and tons of drive. We couldn't be happier with our experience.
Dees Cheryl in Kennett, MO *****
Susie is the sweet dog but was very disobedient. Garrett was a life saver!!!! She went from an outside dog to an inside one. Very very well trained!!!
Andie in Paragould, AR *****
I adopted Adelaide and she needed a lot of work when it came to listening and aggression towards other dogs, Garrett did an amazing job with her and I am so happy with how she is doing!
Tim in Paragould, AR *****
Our mini golden doodle was wild, crazy, and out of control. We took him to Backwoods Retriever, and on our first visit, during the One Month Obedience training, we were stunned at the difference.
The finished product, is even more astounding.
Garrett is the Dog Whisperer…..and what is more impressive, our precious dog…LOVES Garrett.
Great Job!!
Jonathan in Monticello, AR *****
My labradoodle left us an impulsive, out of control dog and came back to us a better, controlled, attentive family member. Great job Garrett! Thank you!
Judy in Paragould, AR *****
The abandoned pup we adopted grew into 90 lbs of uncontrollable chaos. We were turned down from several obedience trainers because of his size and energy. While very sweet, Duke looks very intimidating. Thank goodness a friend recommended Garrett Meier. Garrett trained Duke one-on-one for several weeks and then incorporated us into the training as well. After a month with Garrett we brought Duke home and he’s doing great. He may try to get one up on us, but Garret taught us how to keep him in line and be the boss. All of Garrett’s methods are safe, honest and humane … no harm to the dog. We can’t thank Garrett enough for his quality of care. It’s like he speaks dog – he bonds with his trainees and respects them and loves them and they in turn adore hm. You can’t go wrong with Garrett Meier and Backwoods Retriever Training. Duke, Judy and Terry Jackson
Tyler in Jonesboro, AR *****
Garrett is awesome to work with he knows his stuff. My dog is Yota and was given to me as a stray appeared to be mostly lab and after the basic duck dog training not only does yota mind awesome,but he will make a great duck dog too

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